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Optional component of skateboard


Optional components of skateboard


Risers increase the space between the truck and the deck. This allows the truck to twist further without causing wheel bite (when the wheel touches the deck and stops rotating). Wedges can be used to change the turning characteristics of a truck.


Narrow strips of plastic or metal that are attached under the deck lengthwise along the edges. They are used for additional grip for grabs, and to enhance sliding while protecting the deck's graphics at the same time. Rails also provide a more consistent feel for slides, as the slide of a regular skateboard will suffer from the wear of the paint or varnish on the bottom of the board. Although rarely used anymore, they are useful for experienced skaters that are capable of grabs.

Slip tape

Sliptape is a clear piece of self-adhesive plastic that sticks to the underside of a deck. It helps protect the board's graphics and allows the board to slide easier. Another name for this is everslick.


A lapper is a plastic cover that is fastened to the rear truck and serves to protect the kingpin when grinding. It also prevents hang-ups by providing a smoother transition for the truck when it hits an obstacle or a metal pipe or round bar.

Nose guard

A nose guard is a plastic bumper used to protect the front of a skateboard, which was used in older board models.

Tail guard (a.k.a. Skid Plate)

Bolted onto the underside of the tail end of a skateboard, the tail guard (also known as a "skid plate") protected the tail end from skid stops and other maneuvers that would otherwise wear away the wood and decrease the longevity of the tail. Typically made of plastic, these were widely popular in the '80s, yet quickly dissolved their usage upon the arrival of the '90s and the increasingly popular board design which incorporated two tails.

Tail Devil

Sparking device placed on the tail or nose of the skateboard.


Plastic half tubing that protected the axles of the trucks. In the 1980-85 period, stolen shopping cart handles were cut by some to fit as a makeshift coper.

Sublimated Graphic

A sublimated graphic is when the graphic of a deck is tattooed underneath a layer of fiberglass to keep the graphic and the board more stiff and help to keep it in good condition for a longer period of time without having the graphic damaged.



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